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Air Compressors & Tools

  • Makita AF506 18g Brad Nailer

    Makita AF506 18g Brad Nailer

    The Makita AF506 18g Brad Nailer has a working range of 15mm - 50mm and will accept any make of 18 gauge straight brads. Used for 2nd fix applications such as door linings, architraves, skirting boards and T & G boards etc, the 18g...
    £79.00 (inc VAT)


  • Makita AF353 23g Pin Nailer

    Makita AF353 23g Pin Nailer

    The Makita AF353 23g pin nailer is equipped with a conveniently located push-button type air duster for continuous operation. It has a double trigger for safe and accurate fastener placement with a depth adjustment tool for a flush and...
    £105.00 (inc VAT)


  • Makita AF601 16G Brad Nailer

    Makita AF601 16G Brad Nailer

    The Makita AF601 16 gauge brad nailer is a lightweight and compact air nailer suitable for brads 25-64mm and has a magazine capacity of 100 nails. This unit features both contact and sequential firing and has a tool-less depth adjustment...
    £141.00 (inc VAT)


  • Makita AC640 Air Compressor

    Makita AC640 Air Compressor (240v/110v)

    The compact design of the Makita AC640 compressor has made it a firm favourite in the compressor market. Makita have kept the size and weight of this machine down to a bare minimum and have mounted it on a set of skids that allows the user...
    £243.00 (inc VAT)


  • Makita MAC610 Air Compressor (240v)

    Makita MAC610 Air Compressor (240v)

    The Makita MAC610 compact air compressor is Makita's entry level machine, weighing a mere 8.5kg and offering a maximum pressure of 8bar/116psi this powerful machine is suited to the smaller air nailers more associated with the 2nd fix...
    £182.00 (inc VAT)


  • Makita AT638 18g Narrow Crown Stapler

    Makita AT638 18g Narrow Crown Stapler

    The Makita AT638 18g narrow crown stapler has a crown width of 6mm and is available in leg lengths of 15mm - 38mm, weighing a mere 1.5kg this stapler has a straight magazine that will hold 100 staples, allowing you to work longer between...
    £104.00 (inc VAT)


  • Makita AC1350 Air Compressor

    Makita AC1350 Air Compressor (240v/110v)

    The Makita AC1350 is the largest air compressor in the range, with its 50ltr tank compressor ideally suited to the 1st fix 90mm framing nailer or the impressive range of coil nailers. Available in mains 240v or 110v this tool is fitted...
    £345.00 (inc VAT)


  • Makita AC1300 Air Compressor

    Makita AC1300 Air Compressor (240v/110v)

    The Makita AC1300 is a trolley style air compressor, fitted with a 20ltr tank. The bleed screw can be found conveniently on the underside of the tank allowing for a quick and easy draining at the end of the day. Due to the increased size...
    £357.00 (inc VAT)


  • Makita AN943 Framing Nailer

    Makita AN943 Framing Nailer

    This 1st fix Makita AN943, a 50mm - 90mm capacity framing nailer weighs a mere 3.8kg making it slightly heavier than the Makita gas nailer. With the angled magazine taking a maximum 84 nails of the 34° paper collated type which are...
    £389.95 (inc VAT)