Makita Redemption Scheme

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Claim Your Free Product Online!

From 1st February 2020 Makita (UK) will be running a redemption scheme for any customer who purchases RT, RTX & PG2 single and twin 18v Makita cordless garden machinery.

Makita Redemption Terms and Conditions

  • Claims must be made via the redemptions website by the customer within 28-days of purchase:
  • Claims must be made between 1st February - 28th June 2020
  • Consumers will need to provide proof of purchase and additional supporting information from the product / packaging when registering a claim (please keep original packaging as part of the registration process)
  • Following verification and validation of their claim, Eligible Customers will receive their free product after 30 days
  • Delivery of any promotional product offered free of charge as part of this offer is only applicable for delivery within the UK (please ensure that a valid UK postal address is included for any claim application)
  • Applications for redemption products to be delivered outside of the UK cannot be accepted as part of this offer
  • This offer is open to consumers aged over 18, who make a qualifying purchase
  • Redemption claims can only be made by Trade or Retail Consumer Customers to qualify for this offer
  • Only listed models with “RT”, “RTX” and “PG2” at the end of the model number will qualify for the redemption offer, complete kit models only
  • Body only models with “Z” and “DZ” are not applicable and do not qualify for redemption claims

Visit for full terms and conditions and more information.

All RT & RTX models included in the redemption scheme

  1. Makita DUB182RT 18v LXT Blower (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  2. Makita DUB183RT 18v LXT Blower (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  3. Makita DUB184RT 18V Brushless Blower (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  4. Makita DUC254RT 18v Brushless 25cm Top Handle Chainsaw (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  5. Makita DUH502RT 18v Brushless Hedge Trimmer - 50cm (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  6. Makita DUH601RT 18v Brushless Hedge Trimmer (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  7. Makita DUH751RT 18v Brushless Hedge Trimmer (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  8. Makita DUH523RT 18v LXT Hedge Trimmer (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  9. Makita DUM604RTX 18v LXT Grass Shear (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  10. Makita DUR181RT 18v LXT Line Trimmer (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  11. Makita DUR188LRT 18v Brushless Line Trimmer (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*
  12. Makita DUR189RT 18v Brushless Line Trimmer (1x5Ah) - *Promotion*

All PG2 models included in the redemption scheme

  1. Makita DUC256PG2 Twin 18v Brushless 25cm Chainsaw (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  2. Makita DUC306PG2 Twin 18v Brushless 30cm Chainsaw (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  3. Makita DUC353PG2 Twin 18v Brushless Chainsaw (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  4. Makita DUC305PG2 Twin 18v Brushless Chainsaw (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  5. Makita DUC355PG2 Twin 18v Brushless Chainsaw (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  6. Makita DUC405PG2 Twin 18v Brushless Chainsaw (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  7. Makita DUR364LPG2 Twin 18v Brushless Line Trimmer (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  8. Makita DUR368APG2 Twin 18v Brushless Brushcutter (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  9. Makita DUH551PG2 Twin 18v Hedge Trimmer (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  10. Makita DUH651PG2 Twin 18v Hedge Trimmer (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  11. Makita DUB361PG2 Twin 18v Brushless Blower (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  12. Makita DUB362PG2 Twin 18v Brushless Blower (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  13. Makita DLM380PG2 Twin 18v LXT Lawn Mower (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  14. Makita DLM431PG2 Twin 18v LXT Lawn Mower (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*
  15. Makita DLM460PG2 Twin 18v Brushless Lawn Mower (2x6Ah) - *Promotion*